what causes rough idle then not when engine light comes on, computer issue? on 2005 Dodge Dakota

The code indicated is misfire cyl 5 but plug has been replaced, coil pack has been replaced, EGR valve has been replaced, have gone to 2 shops, including Dodge dealer but they cannot determine problem HELP!

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With a real scanner pay close attention to the map sensor!! Yes i know, sounds crazy.
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Understand something, just because the dealer sells the model doesn't mean they know how to fix it.
What are the codes.
0305 Cyl 5 misfire detected - everytime

Customer Concern:
Engine is setting misfire codes. Has good spark and have swapped the injectors around. Compression is normal.
1. Connect a vacuum gauge. If the needle is erratic, check if an exhaust rocker arm has fallen out of place.

2. If so, carbon build-up on the valve is the likely cause.

You need to remove the valve cover which number 5 is and check valve train.