what causes our voyager to be making a rattling noise when idling on 2002 Chrysler Voyager

2002 chrysler voyager

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rocker arm wear or upper eng damage seek a diag and est
Could be a cracked flexplate. This is what I am suspecting on my 1999 Grand Caravan.
Could be a bad a/c compressor , could be a bad idler pulley , could be.....worth getting it actully looked at like was already suggested but pay close attention to the conditions it occurs under (a/c on or off any diff.?)idle speed or 2000RPM any diff.? in gear /in park any diff? drive with foot on brake what changes ? GET THE IDEA? if you go in for an estimate /diagnosis (suggest paying for diag.& make them accountable for it if they do the repairs) be more aware of the vehicle symptoms and you'll be less likely to get scammed.good luck