1992 Mercury Capri Q&A

1992 Mercury Capri Question: What causes our new belts to break after about 2 weeks?

When the alternator went bad, the belt had to be replaced. About a week after the belt has been replaced, the car belt squeels when starting and the battery guage drops to low then goes back up to high. Then after about a week of squeeling, the belts breaks. We have replaced the alternator twice and the belt 4 times. Our mechanic cannot figure out what is wrong. 92,000 miles. First time belt has been replaced was with the alternator replacement. -
Answer 1
Sounds like you have a pully out of alignment. Puts belt at a angle. Or poss. (but not often) tensioner keeping belt to tight. -
Answer 2
The replacement alternator has the wrong pulley on it there was a recall for this issue and they make a pulley replacement kit had the exact problem on my 91' replaced the pulley and problem was solved -
Answer 3
The belt is not tight enough had the same problem with my 93 fought it for days. the belt has to be really tight snug will not do. -