2008 Cadillac DTS Q&A

2008 Cadillac DTS Question: What causes my struts and shocks to go out but I think it's just my struts.

I think it's my right strut that went bad cause when I turn it sounds like clicking type noises....cadillac dealership is trying to charge me 1400 dollars to replace both!!!! -
Answer 1
or it could be the CV joint? have it checked...normally the CV rubber Boot cracks and the grease in and around the CV joint dries up and that makes the CV joint go out..this is the joint that allows the axle to turn in any direction..it also has that clicking sound you noted. -
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Yeah I was thinkin bout that to cause I just had the racks n what not replaced bout two months ago.thank u very much I almost wasted 1400 dollars n that may not even b the prob. -