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1997 Nissan Sentra Question: What causes my car to stall at red lights or stops?

My car has started stalling every time I stop at a red light or stop sign. The only way I keep this from happening is by popping it into neutral and pressing the gas. If it doesn't stall it does not move right away when I press the gas pedal, then when the fuel seems to reach the car it kinda jumps forward... I'm not sure what it could be but I'm hoping you all can give me an idea of what it could be and how much that would cost. I plan to take it to a mechanic but I'd like to have some idea before I take it for repairs. -
Answer 1
common problem is a vacuum leak on the intake manifold causing stalling. can get pricy so shop around after you have it checked out to confirm. Roy -
Answer 2
i had the same experience with another car. give it the gas ,it ran. but come to a stop,it died. the problem was the air filter. it was dirty enough to not idle the car but with the gas applied to my car, it would run. -
Answer 3
you've prolly figured it out by now but i would guess it was the fuel filter -
Answer 4
bad sensors -
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