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1994 Nissan Sentra Question: What Causes my car to shut off while driving?

While driving, the engine light suddenly appears, and the car shuts off. The car restarts and drives again. But after a short drive, it shuts off again. What mechanical issue could cause this to happen? Spark Plugs, Fuel Pump, Air Filter? -
Answer 1
Sounds like an intermittent problem, something that takes a lot of time to chase down. Your mechanic will hook up a scanner to see what's going on inside the vehicles computer - it's called 'taking a movie' so the computer will show just what system failed & when. If the budget don't allow for a pro, then start looking for loose connections in wiring. Are you getting any codes from the computer? -
Answer 2
On my 1992 Nissan Sentra, it would only stall on sharp right turns. I found a vacuum hose disconnected from the Air Intake manifold to IAC, and my +12 volt distribution bolt was also loose on my Positive battery Terminal. Tightened it and made 10 donut turns in the Mart parking lot and on some Freeway cloverleaf exits- problem gone! Also, Nissan distributors have a rubber gasket, just below the distributor cap/rotor, that disintegrates with age. The rubber filings fell all over the Cam Shaft sensor code wheel and caused my car not to start and stall. Buy a new distributor! -
Answer 3
so far i have change the spark plug -
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I recently had my alternator replaced and the belts. Also my battery is brand new. AND also right before this problem happened there was a weird buzzing noise around where my fuse box is..I mean it...