2004 Kia Optima Q&A

2004 Kia Optima Question: What causes my car to lose power pushing the gas pedal?

My Car hesitates when I go over 30 and really stalls going up any hill. could that be the throttle body sensor? -
Answer 1
i doubt it is the throttle body sensor -
Answer 2
replace fuel filter and check fuel pressure to start with -
Comment 1
Thank you I will try this!! -
Answer 3
Check the massive air inject module. My vehicle hesitated going over 30 and really struggled going up any steep hill and found out at the KIA dealership my air mass injector needed replacing. I have owned this car since purchasing it new and it only had about 1600 miles, gave it 2 issues...engine and transmission. But my vehicle has never given me any issue at all. I love my vehicle. -
Answer 4
I have a 2004 Kia Rio When we start the car it hesitates when we push on the gas pedal to go. It sputters and then it finally will kick in but when I come to a stop sign it happens all over again. So it is really hesitating constantly. If I put it in Drive to 2 it goes okay until I switch it back to drive. Don't know whats happening? Please help!! -