What causes my car to jerk? on 2001 Acura MDX

my car has been jerking, i had the diagnostic test done and all it said was the knock censor was bad, but i know that would cause it to jerk. i took it to a mechanic who said it was my motor mount ( which i don't trust that). my VTM-4 light was on and would go off and now it won't come on at all.

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Find one mechanic you trust is best I can offer. Too many different things could be your problem....guessing wo't help you.
Under what conditions is the 'jerking' ocurring? At take-off, low speed accelleration , 35-45 MPH with very light throttle? Bad motor mount would cause a 'thump' on take-off. Faulty knock sensor could cause poor performance issues , which could then , by default , disable the VTM-4 system while problem ocurrs, turning the vtm warning indicator on. Post diagnostic codes(not descriptions) if possible.