What causes momentary hesitation when accelerator is depressed quickly. on 2003 Lexus GS430

I asked a question earlier about when driving my car and depressing the accelerator quickly there would be a lot of hesitation and I would have to back off of the gas. Then one day it started hesitating all the time, except when idling. I didn't have any codes, but you suggested it could be the MAF sensor. So I purchased MAF cleaner and cleaned the sensor and replaced the K&N air filter with a regular filter. This made a tremendous improvement. The only hesitation now is when out of gear and idling or when driving and gas is applied quickly there is a slight, momentary hesitation, but then the car runs smoothly. Should I clean the throttle body and if so, I would appreciate any pointers on doing this. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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Guess you didn't get it scanned, always people looking for the easy fix. Whatever.
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clean the throttle bodys ,then try its.
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