What causes intermittant code P0193? on 2005 Mazda Tribute

intermittant code p0193, rough idle and engine stumble

Asked by for the 2005 Mazda Tribute
Potential causes of the code P0193 are:
Incorrect Fuel Pressure
Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) Sensor
Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) Sensor Connector
Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) Sensor Wiring
Not uncommon to see failed Fuel Pressure Sersor on this make and model.
I appreciate the answer. I replaced the FRP and the light was still on. I disconnected the battery for a while, removed the computer and cleaned evey metal to metal point I saw and applied a little silocone grease. I also scraped away the paint from the firewall where the double ground wire was attached. The light then went out. From all my other readings I decided to replace the upper and lower intake gaskets and injector o-rings; it was time for new spark plugs anyway. Tribute is smooth running now. Thanks again.