what causes an engine oil leak what is that? on 1999 Buick Park Avenue

When I go to jiffy lube the put in the comment section , that the car has an engine oil leak.

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It means that the engine is loosing oil in between oil change service.

I checked the RepairPal's Problem Reports for the 1999 Buick Park Avenue (http://repairpal.com/buick-park_avenue-1999/problems) and found that the Intake Manifold Gaskets can develop engine oil leaks (http://repairpal.com/intake-manifold-gaskets-can-develop-engine-oil-leaks-254).

I would have the vehicle's engine inspected by a technician to verify if there is any oil leak and prevent further damage. Check out the RepairPal Directory to find a mechanic nearby; http://repairpal.com/directory