What causes a knocking noise around the serpenten belt area of a 2002 on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

Knocking noise is not the motor the knocking get no worse when van is given gas its coming from the area of the belt any ideas on what it is or how to fix would be appreciated.

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also agree with answer 1, how ever your serp. belt runs a number of different components. check all related items. start with the belt itself(rec. goodyear gatorgrip as replacement).
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agree with miles
Could be a belt tensioner that is worn or it may have worn decoupler pulley on the alternator. The Generator Decoupler is a one way clutch ( GENERATOR DECOUPLER 3.3/3.8L ). It is attached to the generator and replaces the standard pulley. It is a non-serviceable item and is to be replaced as an assembly.

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