What causes a diesel engine sound @ low speed ? on 2008 Lexus LS460

Just bough the car 2 wks ago assuming the recall for the valve springs repair done recently is the cause! not totally sure.

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seek diag a est this needs to be looked at for proper really wetry a lexus suv stk come on man
Bet you can buy one,really.
maybe where u live but in cali its all about style.just sayin
This is more car than suv,but eithet way the shiftable auto covers
both trans. Reason for question is maybe a lower gear might help with the orig.
as i stated it needs to be looked at to determine for sure
You know i wish sometimes we could do just that,look at the autos
i,ll bet it would be a shock to actually see what is really going on.
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What trans mode auto. or manual?
The transmission is in the auto mode (D). The sound is intermittent from neutral to drive.
Has sound been in engine since you have owned it?
Yes, I started to hear the sound after a few days later after I purchased the car. I first taught it to be poor gas octane quality but later drove the car up hills and the sound of diesel wasn't heard. Seems to me only when the car is at low RMP when the sound is heard.
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