2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Q&A

2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Question: what causes 2004 Sport Trac to hesitate and jerk when accelerating?

"I have a 2004 Ford Sports Trac, mileage is abt 95,500. For a few days it has been hesitating when i pull off almost like it doesn't want to go into gear, and when it finally goes into gear it jerks. Please Help????" -
Answer 1
check the fluid it may need a transmission service ,fluid and filter change when the fluids get old and hot so many times they bresk down and you loose your protectin -
Comment 1
Thanks!...I checked the fluid level on yesterday and it was fine..Do you think i need to change the fluid out??? -
Answer 2
I would look at the plugs and wires for missfires. common issue. Roy -
Answer 3
If you are still having problems, I can help. Jeremy at Triangle Auto & Cycle Repair 919-291-8999 Ford Master Certified. -