What can sputtering and backfiring be related to other than bad gas? on 1999 Dodge Caravan

I have 215,000 miles on my van and it has been running great until 3 days ago. I filled up my tank with gas at a local station (which I never do)and about 6 miles down the road it started backfiring. It has been sputtering, hesitating and backfiring ever since. I got some fuel injector cleaner and put it in. I burned out most of the gas by the 2nd day and filled up at a good gas station and put in more cleaner, but my service engine light is still on and it is still sputtering, especially when idling. Could it be something other than bad gas.

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get a scan and u should know what is going on if its a fuel system problem or something else. Also i recommend doing it ur self instead of instantly going to a "pro". They will charge to scan usually
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sure, you need to identify the code as it will point you in the right direction. you may want to go to a pro and have it checked out with a bid

Thanks to you both. I got a tune-up and it took care of the problem. I am actually getting better gas mileage than I have in a long time.