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2006 Ford Ranger Question: What can I try now?

At idle it misses. Up to speed runs smooth. Every now and then it hick ups/jerks. Engine light comes on. Codes said Crank shaft sensor, so I changed it. It didn't help. The other code said misfire #1 cylender before 1000 rpm's. Changed wires, plugs, fuel filter. -
Answer 1
oh sounds like fords typical two piece spark plug. take it to a reliable garage and have them show you the old plug. put in N.G.K version. the misfire is a false reading. they have been known to throw spark plugs. -
Comment 1
changed plugs and no change -
Comment 2
that's the two piece plug I was talking about those plugs jam in their right away and snap when you pull them out k.d tool makes a thread repair kit for it. I work at a parts store that has a machine shop and we see this all the time -
Comment 3
Not on this engine! Talk to the mechanics in the shop. Triton 5.4L 3 valve if you dont know how to remove them then yeah you can break the factory installed plugs, then it becomes a "two piece" (or more) plug. -
Answer 2
Idle speed only misfire sounds like a vacuum leak or low compression! After you changed plugs and wires did it run any better at road speed? Use Motorcraft parts? Code PO301? -
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Yes one code was po301 and the other one po316. no it run the same yes i used motorcraft.and some times it misses and jerks between 1500 and 2000rpm before shifts -
Comment 2
301 can set 316 check for vacuum leak or low compression on cyl. 1. -
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