What can I do to get better mpg for my vehicle i am only getting 10mpg in city on 2003 Mazda Tribute

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I changed all four oxygen sensor.
I also only drive in O/D should i not drive that way in the city.
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Check engine light on? OD will take care of itself, no need to change.
What engine 4cyl or V/6?
V6 3.0l 6cyl
Light on?
Check mpg again. Has to be more than 10.
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what are your emission readings.h/c and co
I am not a mechanic so I am not sure what you mean by h/c and co
Was check engine light on BEFORE replacing all 4 O2 sensors? ...So if you fill-up the tank and drive 100 miles and hit the next gas station you'll be able to put in 10 gallons of gas? Your one reply states that you are not a mechanic so that makes me curious as to who and why the oxygen sensors were replaced, because if all 4 were failed at the same time it would be odd and most likely due to some other cause/failure.
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