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2000 Volkswagen Jetta Question: what can i do to fix my car the code P1582 came up???

The check engine came on and the code P1582 popped up what can i do to fix it?? -
Answer 1
P1582 Idling Speed Regulation Adaptation Limit Reached There are several items that can cause this fault code to pop up, one being a vacuum leak, loose timing belt, dirty throttle body, or faulty MAF. The most common cause is a dirty throttle body, you can clean it out by removing and using an air intake cleaner. Once you reinstall, you will need to do a capacitor discharge to clear out the learned value. Disconnect the battery cables, negative first then positive, while they are both off, touch them together, this will cause a complete reboot once you reconnect them. You need to reconnect them positive first then negative. Then clear out any fault codes and drive the vehicle for a short time to verify the codes don't come back. -