what can I do to fix my ABS brake problem at low speeds? on 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

This started at 13k and now the truck has 41k & 3 sets of brakes & rotors.It feels like the abs trips when braking at low speeds and turns.I am also ripping throughthe brakes like crazy.I am really disappointed in GM. I don't tow or use it for work.Please help.

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This is a common problem with the GM trucks. There is a TSB (technical service bulletin) on this problem. The ABS will activate at low speeds (less than 8-10 mph) and/or when turning, but not turn on the ABS light or set any codes. The front wheel speed sensor(s) need to be removed from`the wheel hub assembly, the sensor cleaned, and the bore the sensor sits in cleaned of rust to stop the false activation.
I can't thank you enough. Does this also cause problems with the rear brakes?
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This could be numerous things? Have the ABS system scanned for codes.
there are no codes showing up. I am going to try to clean the sensor. Thank you