What can I do to fix a misfire on 1999 Ford Expedition

Vehicle didn't have a misfire just a bad coil in #8, so I decided to replace all Spark Plugs and Coils, Trottle position sensor,EGR pressure Feedback sensor,EGR valve,Idle Control valve after all this was done I got codes P0353 and P0356, checked connecters and rechecked spark plugs and also changed out coils 3-6 but Notting what can I Do now

by in El Paso, TX on April 06, 2013
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ANSWER by on April 06, 2013
MOTORCRAFT PARTS???? Hard to beat FoMoCo parts on a Ford vehicle, especially electronics!
COMMENT by on April 06, 2013
Yes all......parts
COMMENT by on April 06, 2013
So much for that! Possible ecm but not likely. There has got be a circuit problem to 3 & 6. Check connectors with dvom and compare to working cylinder. Are those two cyls. misfiring so as you can tell it with engine idling? Maybe take it to a mechanic!
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