What Can I do about this were it won't break the $ I am unemployed W/low $ funds on 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

Won't Pass Emissions? Test Results Were ON-BOARD COMPUTER: Vehicle's Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL.) Commanded On Trouble Codes Present: P0401: EGR Flow Insufficient Detected & P1133: The Car has been over heating for a few months and The Coolant Over flow tank is full of Brown Sludgy type water and it has not drained at all since Jan. When I took the Radiator cap off that also was caked full of this brown sludge and the water was brown and full of globs of sludge. I have taken the hose from the overflow to radiator off and cleaned it out really good but still nothing. Now the car overheats but it is also Idling louder and harder plus it is really noisy. Is there anything that I can do myself to save me money with repairing this problem. Please Reply to

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It is not uncommon for the EGR passage at the intake manifold (behind the throttle body) to become plugged. Commonly, the throttle body and EGR valve will need to be removed to clear the passage. I do not recall a P1113 code for this vehicle, perhaps you have the number wrong. It sounds like the cooling system needs a good flushing to remove all the brown sludge. If the engine is still overheating once that is done, the cooling system should be properly diagnosed before any repairs are made.