What can I do about spark plug? on 2002 Saturn SL1

Guess who ever had car before rigged one of spark plugs. Looks stripped. Had hard time taking out but finally got it out. Tried to put new plug but won't stay. Put old one back in & it stays but it looks as it needs to be replaced. Any ideas on what to do? Replaced others with no problems. So has all new but one. So leave as is or will it do more harm?

by in Baytown, TX on April 05, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 05, 2013
The cylinder that plug came out of must have had a repair insert installed at one time and this insert came out with that old plug. Best take to your mechanic and let him change that plug with a new, corectly installed, insert or let it be if not misfiring!
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