What can cause shaking and pulling at higher speeds when foot is taken off gas pedal? on 1994 Honda Accord

Just had brakes and rotors replaced on 1994 Honda Accord. Now car is shaking and pulling to the right when taking foot off gas at high speeds of 50-70mph. Is this related to the brakes or a new problem? Mechanic replaced new rotors to see if they were malfunctioning. He cannot find anything else wrong. Problem is still occurring.

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if you have a stuck caliper or collapsed brake hose, this may be the result of partial brake application.
what was the reason he replaced the brakes and rotors??

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If your car is making a noise while doing this and sounds like it is coming from the wheels it could be a wheel bearing issue. A bearing could cause this by seizing up which is what it sounds like is happening with your car. You should get it checked out immediately because if the bearing locks up your tire will not spin and you will lose control of your car.