What can cause absolutely no power in cab? on 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

There is no power to the interior cab of my 1989 Camaro RS 2.8 L V6. No lights, radio, etc. Completely no power. What can cause this to happen. Found a cut wire at the stater and connected it back together, still no power. Could it have blown anything else?

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Battery, cables, connections, fuses, relays, etc.
All connections are tightened, fusible links repaired and there is now power. Now car will turn over but not start. Any ideas?

UPDATE: had to replace the gas tank, fuel pump, pulsator, etc.. Gas tank was rotted our bad from sitting so long, guess it was sitting longer than the guy told me. After doing that, I replaced all the fluids, tranny filter and gasket, cleaned the IAC valve and the car started right up. Ran for about 50 miles and began to notice a really bad oil leak. Thought it was because I forgot to replace the oil pan gasket, however, after removing the starter and jacking up the car, I noticed the oil was not coming from the pan, but somewhere above the transmission housing and running down onto the starter and the ground. Where can this leak possibly be coming from? I am at a severe loss now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really need to get this car running. Thanks!!
You now need to see what you do not have-spark or fuel pressure and volume.