1999 Dodge Stratus Q&A

1999 Dodge Stratus Question: what can be the problem when the check engine light is on.?

can the engine light come on if the air filter is dirty? -
Answer 1
the ck eng light can be on for alot of reasons incl plugged air intake.seek code scan from auto zone for free and post codes so we can adv -
Answer 2
Get a free read at autozone. Odds are it is something else. Post code on this site and we can advise you. -
Answer 3
Thank you for taking the time to request information regarding your 1999 Dodge Stratus' check engine light. The check engine light can illuminate for a number of reasons, but we will not know the exact reason until our factory trained technicians perform a diagnosis on your vehicle. We provide superior service in a family friendly atmosphere here at Barbera's Autoland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. When can we set up an appointment and diagnose your car and get you back on the road? We can be contacted by calling 215-333-3700 to set up an appointment and provide a diagnosis quote. We look forward to servicing your car and meeting you. Thank you, Jessie Barbera's Autoland -
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