What can be the problem or is it too late? what's my next step? on 2004 Nissan Altima

while driving the car it began to not want to pull. got to work and on the way home acted like it want to just continue to slow down. made it home and then tried to go somewhere else and car started acting as though it was about to cut off. check the oil and transmission fluid both was low. poured some in there and car still acting up. my motor isn't locked because it will still turn over but doesn't want to crank. found that oil was in the spark plugs. is it too late to try to get my car to running smoothly again if not then what is my next step.

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you have an internal oil leak i think
so turns out that I need a casket I think that's the name of it replaced..and I needed transmission fluid and oil in the car. However it's still acting like it don't want to pull and when I stop acts like it want to cut-off. The machanic stated I would have to drive that out because how we had been trying to keep starting the car or something. But I'm up a running now. Thanks for the response.