what can be leaking on the front passenger side all over? on 2006 Pontiac G6

Looks like an almost clear fluid thin like brake fluid all over the inside of my rim along with being all over the inside of my fender well. I checked the brake fluid it shows full to max. Spradley just redid the rack and pinion because the first time they fixed it it failed. Not sure what or where the fluid is coming from any help?

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Check ps fluid to see if it is low!!!
Power steering fluid?
Yes power steering fluid, see owners manual. Unless yours has an electronic unit, could be either. Now what you see i am assuming is a lubricant! Not just water or coolant, since you say it's 'not' brake fluid(?)
Yes. When I took the car in for the popping due to the rack and pinion I advised brakes were squeaking as well with chalk board kind of sound. But it really looks like brake fluid leaking but it was all over the place whatever lubricant it is. Power steering is electrical
Brakes feel ok, good pedal? Better have it checked out for safety sake.
Ya I did take some auto classes so I know what fluids look like what and this seems like brake fluid but pedal is not soft and it shows max filled. Butthis is a mess with how much fluid leaked out everywhere on my fender well, inside of my rim and brakes.
Possible strut leaking, still need to have it checked!
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Did they maybe bleed the caliper on that side and just leave a mess? Did you clean it and see if more fluid builds up again?
My brakes have not been changed yet and yes we cleaned it and its consistant with the leak
Has got to be a deficit in fluid from something, IF you cant find it by checking ALL fluids then it is the Mcpherson Strut leaking!! That is the only thing left.
I agree......