What can be done to move the shift gear from park position at the garage? on 2008 Volvo S60

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My 2008 Volvo S60 2.0 T is stuck in park position. I can start the engine. The brake lights lit when press the brake pedal. The gear shifter is not stuck ( I suppose cause I can press on it). I can hear click and can feel something at the gear shifter everytime I step on the brake pedal but I cant move the shifter from park (P) position. The car was not use for a couple of days in the garage. What else should I checked. Help please.
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A probable cause is the park/brake interlock switch. This isn't something that should be tackled in a parking garage. Have your car towed to a reputable shop and have them check it for you.
This sounds like an advertisement, not a helpful solution.
Actually I was able to resolve the problem. I removed the shift lever cover and analyze what prevents the mechanical movement of the shift lever. There is one plastic white lever that prevents the movement and all I did was lift partially the black plastic part and push down the white plastic part and pronto the shift lever is functioning again. It is difficult to describe without diagram and photo. But I believe a little patience and analysis what prevents the movement of the lever will do the work. I'm just wondering why Volvo have not address this concern yet.