what are the timimg marks on the timng belt on 1997 Kia Sportage

what are the timing marks on the 1997 Kia Sportage, we are change the belt and need to asap

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I hope you did not removed the belt yet. If you post an e-mail I can send you info, but on the cams and the crank sprocket has a mark at 12 o'clock position. You need to align the marks BEFORE you remove the belt.

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No We have not done anything yet, that will be tomorrow. What id the belt is broke in two when we get in there, will we still be able to align the in the 12:00 position??
If it's broken, you are looking at a lot more then a belt replacement because unfortunately this is an interference engine, which means the pistons will hit the valves.
This repair requires to remove the cylinder head, replace valves, etc...
I hope it didn't happen, but just in case, you can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here: