What are the possible causes for my back wiper ceasing to work? on 2006 Mazda Tribute

It was working fine, then we had our first good freeze....end of story

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check to see if the wiper arm is stripped if not check for power going to the wiper motor
Hey "Good Guy"...I know NOTHING NADA about cars... but love to try things on my own..could you give me more IN DETAIL instructions or steps to follow? Thanks!
Check if your actuator is moving and the wiper arm is not....check for fuses if they are good or not....if both are okay, you need to have someone who KNOWS about cars look at it.
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Possible causes include...stripped actuating arm, loss of power to motor, or defective switch
Thank you for your words...
to check to see if your wiper arm is stripped just pull up on the arm to see if moves
Nope, it doesn't move....
you will have to take the back panel off to check for power going to the motor you will need a test light turn the wiper switch on and check for power at the motor if you have power then you will need a new wiper motor