2005 Chrysler Pacifica Q&A

2005 Chrysler Pacifica Question: What are the buttons behind the steering wheel for?

On each side of the steering wheel behind there are 2 sets of buttons. I was wondering what they are for. -
Answer 1
Got an owners manual? -
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Yes but it doesn't talk about them or even have a picture of them in it. -
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Keep looking, these manuals can be a bit tricky to navigate. Index in rear of book. It's in there somewhere!! -
Answer 2
The buttons found on the rear side of the steering wheel are the steering wheel mounted sound system controls. They are on page 229 of the owner's manual. -
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Thank you ! -
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You're welcome -
Answer 3
look in your owners book that comes with the car. If you dont have it you can go to the Chrysler web site and down load one free! Hope that helps. -