what are the best tires for my car?
on 2003 Toyota Corolla

Road noise is an issue.

Asked by for the 2003 Toyota Corolla , check their reviews on tires specifically for your car/tire size.
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Road noise from the tires is usually caused by aggressive patterns in the tread. Such as snow tires, etc. Sometimes the wear on the tread gets ridges which causes this as well. Just get a set of all-season tires without an aggressive pattern and you should be fine.
I agree with answer 1. Rub your hand on tread front to back then back to front to see if you feel rough edges or ridges one way more than the other. All four tires, if so swap sides to see if noise gets better! Right tires to left and left to right. Like cb30 says and since you live in FL. dont need an agressive tread pattern.