2004 Toyota Camry Q&A

2004 Toyota Camry Question: what are control arm bushings

was quoted a high price for this replacement -
Answer 1
they shouldnt be bad , why do u think u have to change them ,is dealer telling you or a garage? -
Comment 1
The Toyota dealer quoted me $800.00 for the job done. They told me they noticed a clunking noise and that's what's causing it. They recommended front control arm bushings and alignment would be needed? -
Answer 2
front/rear? What is considered a high price? -
Comment 1
Maybe because they also recommended an alignment as well plus they charge a lot for labor? -
Comment 2
Maybe. Over 150,000 miles on it? -
Comment 3
I think your getting hosed,and i dont think thats ths problem... -
Comment 4
I only have 60k miles on the car. And will get a 2 opinion. $800.00 is ridiculous for an alignment and arm bushings job. -
Comment 5
Sparky , get a opinion on the job , if thats problem or not... -
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I recently changed out all four strut/spring assembly's but the rattling sound remains.. Could it be control arm bushings are worn out? My car has 170000+ miles and still runs great.
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