what are codes P1000 and P1633? on 2000 Ford Taurus

had cruise set on 60. It sounded like I knocked it out of gear. it coasted to a stop. Now it shifts to all gears but the car wont move,

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Torque converter or pump/shaft splines stripped, common problem, see trans. tech! Shaft and pump can be serviced externally, torque conv. requires trans. removal. Torq. conv. more than likely, sorry. Like answer 1 said get it scanned for trans. codes. Anyone unhook the battery?
Is battery weak? Both codes indicative of this.
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you have trans codes, start by ck'ing to make sure battery cables are clean and you have a good connection. this is the 1st thing to ck for with code p1633. the p1000 may also be caused by bad connections
would either of these keep my car from moving? it goes into all shifts but wont move
yes very poss
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