What are clutch slave cylinder replacement requirements on an 03 Ford ranger on 2003 Ford Ranger

Do any major components have to be removed to replace the clutch slave cylinder on a 2003 Ford Ranger with a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine.

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u have to pull trans out to change slave cylinder change clutch assamely while in there
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It's an unpleasant, yet common job, Mr. Lee. Gotta pull the transmission, as the slave cylinder is mounted right on the front in the bell housing. Very prone to failure. While you're there, of course, have a look at the clutch and pressure plate...
Thanks, Dave. With only 63K on the truck I hope the clutch is still in pretty good condition. If failure is so common I wonder about using Ford's cylinder. Can you recommend another source?
I'm sorry to say it's the only game in town. It's not the quality of the part, it's the location and design. Where it's located is really succeptable to wearing the seal with clutch material that is normal wear and tear. The part has been revised by Mazda / Ford many times (the transmission is a Mazda unit). The latest versions are better, but the design will always be less than stellar.

The idea behind replacing the clutch is - while you're there, if it has wear, why not? Save yourself labor in the future... But you certainly don't have to unless it's contaminated or damaged.

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1. Remove the transmission.