2003 Mazda Mazda6 Q&A

2003 Mazda Mazda6 Question: What and where is a Bendix on the starter? Does it require special tools?

My car started making a grinding noise sometimes when I tried to crank it, and would take several times to crank. It became worse and worse until it just wouldn't crank at all one day.A man at the gas station heard it once and said I needed a bendix. Is it too late now? Or will that fix problem? AND how hard is it to fix, and do I need special tools? Sorry I sound like an idiot, I know I should of done something sooner, money too tight, now I'm hoping it will be a quick fix! -
Answer 1
you will have to take the starter apart when you take the starter off check the teeth on the flywheel if you have teeth missing then you will have to take the trans out I would suggest you take it to a shop and have them look at it -
Answer 2
If you are lucky the starter drive (bendix) may be all that is damaged and not the flywheel. Buy another complete starter motor and just swap it out and if you have a car buddy get some help! BEFORE you do any repair to the starter, remove the NEGATIVE battery cable!! -
Answer 3
remove starter and ck flywheel or flex plate to make sure the teeth are ok if so replace starter -
Comment 1
Thanks to all of you for the advice, you all three said buy new starter, do you mean bendix or actually a starter, or are they the same thing??? I have someone coming to look at it today, who will know more than me but has never repaired a Mazda! -
Comment 2
the bendix or starter drive is a drive inside the starter it engages the starter with the flywheel its just as easy to replace the whole starter -