what all is involved in chaninging the power steering pumn
on 2006 GMC Savana 3500

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I would like to know what all is inolved in changing the power steering pump on my van. I am very mechanically inclined and just sort of wanted a starting point and what all is required to be removed.
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Remove: upper fan shroud, serp. belt, power steering pulley, filler neck (nut and clamp holds neck to power steering pump). You may not have the extended filler neck im not sure. Remove the hoses from the pump, bolts from the rear of the pump, bolts from the front of the pump, and then the pump should come out. Dont forget to put a drain pan under vehicle to catch fluid. You will need a power steering pulley puller to remove pulley. It can be purchased at almost and auto parts store. You cant remove the front bolts on pump without it.