what all do i need to take loose to change the battery cables on 1990 Isuzu Trooper

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my positive and negative cables are old and corroded.
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Remove the terminals from the battery posts. Replace the cable ends and put the positive cable on first, then the negative. Easy as pie.
i need to replace the cables as well. the first part of the question was left off. the battery caught fire. i can track where the damage is to the cables and both are attached to fuselinks and those are fine. the cable just seems to go to so many connections
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You'll have to open up the plastic looms and follow the wiring. Most auto parts stores sell replacement cables. Once you have the new cables you need to tape up the looms again and hook up the new battery...
thanks hal by the way do u work on old school cars as well like an 1967 dodge dart
i'm gonna call u and see what we can do with sandy(my darts name is sandy). right now i'm in the process of rebuilding the engine. at least i've taken the top half out. now i think i just want to buy a rebuilt engine and drop it in. i also have to replace some of the suspension/steering stuff after hitting a pothole. definitely the idler arm and bushings etc.
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