what about obd code po351? on 1999 Ford Mustang

Car is giving codes po351 and po442, Thanks

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I have ran into this before. It is most likely the ignition coil pack. There is other possibilities like the PCM or wiring.

As to the p0442.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Connect a smoke machine (if available) to the system with the gas cap removed and inspect the filler neck outlet for smoke as it is introduced to the system.

2. Once smoke emits from the filler neck, install the gas cap. Smoke should now be seen exiting through the CANV solenoid and hose.

3. Backprobe the Violet/White (VT/WH) wire of the CANV solenoid and ground it. Smoke should stop emitting from the CANV solenoid and hose.

4. Inspect the rest of the system for emitting smoke specifically at any hose and line connection.

5. Lower the fuel tank if necessary to inspect the top of the fuel tank for indication of smoke and service the leaking area as necessary.
Tech Tips: Code P0442 is a code indicating a small leak. If the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) was not activating the CANV solenoid, the PCM would likely set a P0455 code instead indicating a large leak.