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2004 Ford F-150 Question: Wet spark plug

When I went to change the plug in my 4.6 it was soaking wet with what appears to be motor oil. Where would this be coming from? I pulled it do to a "#6 cylinder misfire first 1000 rpm engine code." -
Answer 1
Question: is the oil you see on the outside of the plug or on the inside (electrode)? -
Comment 1
Mostly the outside, not sure if the electrode was wet, but it looked good. -
Comment 2
In this case, Roy would be correct. It probably is a leaking valve cover unless oil was spilled at one time. Any liquid seems to find the way to the bottom of the spark plug area. -
Answer 2
the valve cover seal for the tube is allowing oil into the plug hole contaminating the coil boot. i would replace the valve cover gasket, and the coil. Roy -
Answer 3
this would be a bad valve cover gasket. -
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