wet floorboard rear passenger side only not wet in front ???
causes ??? on 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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it is only wet behind the passenger seat on the floorboard !
nothing was spilled ? could it be a drain plug and road rain splashing up into the car via floor ?
(2) Answers
I had the same issue, I also found passenger door was full of water. I drilled a small hole in bottom of door, on the hinge side. once door was empty I no longer had floorboard behind pass. seat get wet
My montecarlo was flooded after a rainstorm after 1 year old I thought about it and I took off the cowling for the windshield wipers and I found this rubber piece laying in this. Track the drivers side one. Was on the metal it just presses on like a seal I put the passenger side on on it fell off so I ran a bead of gorilla glue in the track of the seal and pressed it into place and put the cowling back on. This was the problem. With the seal off rain water ran straight down behind the glove box and filled the floorboard with water this little fix will repair your vehicle and save you thousands of dollars and. Grief thank god I fixed it before my new. Car was ruined by a two dollar seal that fell off