wet floor rear driver side on 2004 Ford Focus

No other area is wet.
This has a rear window wiper with spray.
Does the water for the spray run thru the interior or is it routed under the car?
Any other ideas why just this area is wet. No obvious reason like window left partially down or door not fully closed.

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If this is happening when it's not raining, then the wiper leak is possible, as well as a possible plugged A/C evaporator drain that is causing a water leak up under the dash, and the water is running to the back of the vehicle.
Has it been raining before you have the wet carpet? Have you been using the wipers/washer in the rear? What about the A/C?
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my focus did that i got some sealer and fixed no more leak it is just the plastic thing the runs across the front of the window is not glued down all the way and it needs to be all you need to do is get some sealer it worked on mine it should work on yours