Wet floor passenger side heavy rains on Lincoln Continental

Average mileage: 117,000 (31,000–170,000)
4 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
6 people reported this problem
5 people shared problem details
The passenger side floor mats are soaked after heavy rains in SoCal. Not from windows or other noticable cause. I thought msayber I drove through large puddles and water got in from underside of chasis. Are there "body drain plugs" that coud be missing, or possibly leaking from the windshield cowling? Drivers side is dry. Thanks
When it rains hard, water pools in the passenger side floor board. Guess I need to figure it out myself. Yes, the windows are up.
Wet passenger side floor,only after heavy rain. I have taped plastic over the wind shield and door seams. This is not a solution however it blocks the water. Using water from a hose on the windshield does not result in a discernible leak. Suggestions,please.
My windshield for some reason had a space between the glass and the gasket, which allowed water to come in when it rained.
Right side follr continues to take on water after a rain.
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