wet floor boards on 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

Noticed front floor wet on both the passenger and driver side. Thought it was leak from door seal. Pulled up the carpeting and there was about an inch of standing water. Appears to be coming from AC/heater drainage tube. But not sure. HELP! Has anyone heard of this problem? How do I fix? Is this going to be an expensive fix?

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The a/c evaporator drain tube has become blocked. It typically can be found on the passenger side of the exterior firewall and can shove a coat hanger up there to clear it out. Two things to be careful of-do not shove it hard and damage the evap and look out for water to flow out and come gushing at you.
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Mine did the same thing. I let it dry really well and smeared some silicone around the tube with my finger, as it appeared the water was draining down the inside instead of the outside of the firewall due to the hose being too short.