Dodge Avenger Problem Report

Dodge Avenger Wet Carpet Due to Plugged Evaporator Drain

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The carpet under the right side of the dash may become wet with water. This can be caused by the AC evaporator drain being plugged with debris. Our technicians tell us that once the drain is clear, a cabin air filter should be installed to keep debris out.

Passenger side floorboards soaked, front and back. Could hear the water running out of the dash into my car. Hope they will clean or replace carpet as I don't want a new car that smells horrible. -
wet cartpet - air conditioner making noise -
Started hearing a weird sound when turning or quickly slowing down. Then when I got back in the car later I drove about 1 mile and started hearing water pouring inside the car on the right side under the glove box. The floor was wet and I saw water driping from a hose that ran down under the rightside of dash to the floor under the carpet. -
Carpet soaked on passenger floor and some wetness on drivers side -
water on passenger floor carpet is soaked car sat all weekend an yet the floor was still wet -
Noticed the floor on the passenger side was wet... saw water draining from under the dashboard -
The backseat'so floors were wet. I googled the problem, related to clogged ad ducts, & the dealership fixed it. -
Have had this issue for years but had no idea what it was from -
Purchase and every time it rains the car in the inside is flooded. Carpet sinks and will mess up anything on the floor. -
I had my transmission rebuilt.. When u got it back my carpets were getting wet. Took it back and the mechanic blew a bunch of leaves from my ac underneath the glove box.. Problem solved -
I noticed this problem last week and have yet to get the situation resolved though I do know this is due to the A/C evaporator drain line either being clogged or kinked. I plan to remedy this problem myself today and save myself the added bill with a mechanic. Searching online for tutorials. -
Driver side floor board soaked, usually after raining -
Same as everyone else. Passenger side fills with water when i turn on the air. -
My right side front carpet is soaking wet when i use the air conditioning. We didn't know what was wrong til reading about it on this site. We will look for the debris and clear it away. Hopefully that takes care of the problem -
overlfow of water in AC unit -
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