Wet Carpet Due to Plugged Evaporator Drain on Dodge Avenger

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The carpet under the right side of the dash may become wet with water. This can be caused by the AC evaporator drain being plugged with debris. Our technicians tell us that once the drain is clear, a cabin air filter should be installed to keep debris out.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 92,251 (7,000–706,788)
7 model years affected: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, more2012, 2013, 2014
50 people reported this problem
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Started hearing a weird sound when turning or quickly slowing down. Then when I got back in the car later I drove about 1 mile and started hearing water pouring inside the car on the right side under the glove box. The floor was wet and I saw water driping from a hose that ran down under the rightside of dash to the floor under the carpet.
Noticed the floor on the passenger side was wet... saw water draining from under the dashboard
Huge amt of water in passenger front floor area - happened before, but i did not know what the cause was (thought i left a window open) - then AC did not blow - took to the dealer, not covered because they said Dog Hair got into the filters and it needed to be cleaned so that is maintenance. 1 week later, the water was pouring onto the front passenger floor area, i heard it while i was driving but did not see anything until i got home to find the soaked floor. Went to dealer again, who said without looking at it, based on previous filter issue, that the hose was clogged with dog hair, needed 4 - 5 hours to repair, again, maintenance not covered by their "bumper to bumper" warranty and service only Monday thru Friday. Have to take a day off of work, cab it back and forth to home? Not taking it to the dealer, i would rather support a local repair shop, not lose the day's pay or the 50 cab fare. Seems only the Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler has this design flaw, no one i know ever had this problem and i understand it did not exist in the previous models.
Carpet soaked on passenger floor and some wetness on drivers side
Passenger side floorboards soaked, front and back. Could hear the water running out of the dash into my car. Hope they will clean or replace carpet as I don't want a new car that smells horrible.
water on passenger floor carpet is soaked car sat all weekend an yet the floor was still wet
Water comes in on passenger side no matter if ac was running or not was told same. plugged line, had car in 3 times to change heater core, have line unplugged, then this last time I was told they flat didnt know? Really!!!? So basically this is a ongoing problem that I have to deal with? Come on dodge this is your design flaw quit screwing the people and help fix the problem!!!
wet cartpet - air conditioner making noise
Water leaking in vehicle when air conditioner runs
Purchase and every time it rains the car in the inside is flooded. Carpet sinks and will mess up anything on the floor.
Same as others with out the sound issue car hasn't been drove daily in a year just discovered the issue 2 days ago.
Came into the car. Floorboards were wet. Unknown cause. While riding passenger noticed dripping water from underneath glove box/lower dashboard area.
I hear a sloshing grinding whistle when I turn and accelerate. My passenger floor board is wet. My car is running just a little bit warmer. My heater still works and it's still blowing very cold air. When my heater is on I don't hear sloshing
Began hearing water slouching around behind the dash when turning left...shortly after hearing this noise the water began overflowing into passenger floorboard. Took an air compressor and blew into the drainage pipe at the bottom of the car...some debri came out & all seemed fine. However I am now hearing the water behind the dash on the drivers side now aproximately 2 months after cleaning out the drain.
Carpet soaked on passenger and behind passenger. Driver side carpet wet. Dripping water behind dash and and hear water swish when making turns. Air condition coming out warm at times...takes a while to get cool
Passenger side carpet drenched with water after the air conditioner is turned on.
Water sounds like it is sloshing somewhere under the dash board.
I brought it into the dealer and was told it was not under warranty because it was a clog caused by leaves getting in from the plastic grid by the windshield wiper.
So $150. later it was repaired.
Its a shame that I would never buy another Dodge because of a problem like this.
Same as everybody else. Water is pouring into passenger side floor. Took it to dealer and he said without looking it's a clogged drain. Looks like Dodge has a flawed design.
Water spraying on passenger floorboard when turning left with heat on.
Problem not fixed yet.
Carpet wet on driver and passenger side when using. Ac