1996 Chrysler Sebring Q&A

1996 Chrysler Sebring Question: were is the thermostat at

just need to change thermostat as my hose is buldging as if it's not letting fluid into the engine to circulate -
Answer 1
at the end of the upper rad hose -
Comment 1
Yes it was there but you need midget hands to get this badboy out had to also take of tranmissin electronics it was definetly tedeous ,next time It's the shop,as I'm used to that 15 min thermostat Job but that's why they call it a cgrysler in my eyes it means time cunsumtion for replacing parts ,but thanks for the return,have a great Turkey day -
Answer 2
Change hose too. -
Comment 1
Oh Boy, did not do that,it took 2 days working on it part time just for the thermostast, but your right after maxing the hose not a bad I deal,thank you ! -
Answer 3
its a bitch to change this thermostat...it is on the drivers side of the engine...end of hose...good luck -
Comment 1
you are exactly right ,it took about 6 hours by the time I got finished as I let cure a day as well used the copper peramtex,but could not believe this Job, I had a arsenal of extensions ,knuckles and took out everthing possible to get my big bear paws in there,even the transmission electronics had to go ,but got r done but it was a B,to say the least,did a video for others if they wanted to attemp you would think they would put it in a more acessible place ,but changed the starter as well and the specs on that was to take off the exhaust manifold to get it out off there but got tricky on them I took the oil filter out instead and just had enough room to get the old out and new in,what were they thinking when they built this car,just the battery is half a days work,oh well thank god I had the time,thank you for info -
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