were in the engine is the oil pump located?
on 1999 Toyota Camry

my car is been leaking all the oil every 2 days.i was told it was the oil pump to junk the car that noone will change it..that the oil pump is located in a bad spot

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Which engine , so we can answer your question properly? Unless the car is in very good to excellent condition otherwise , replacing the pump and other seals on front of engine along with water pump and belts may not be worth it. Depends on how much you like the car. Is the engine still under 200K miles?
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very bad spot
It is located behind the timing belt. In order to replace it (maybe your problem is just a leaking seal - there's 2 of them for the oil pan), you'll need to remove the timing belt, and perhaps even the tensioner and/or idler to get better access. If you're leaking oil from that area, it can also be the camshaft and/or crankshaft seals. How many miles on the car and when was the timing belt last replaced? Is it a V6 or I4?