well our a.c. doesnt blow cold air @ all
on 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

well our heater does wrk...but later on the day we want to use the a.c. but doesnt blow cold air @ all

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the dealership wanted to charge over 400 dollars, i fixed for 3 dollars and 50 cents , turn your car off, open the engine compartment, on top of your battery is , the fuse box , inside the fuse box is 3 green 30A fuses , go to any auto part store bu fuses replace in about 80 secs from start to finish,and u have ice cold air : )
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The rotary heater control knob on the center of the dash attaches to a cable that controls the heater control valve or heater control flat behind the dash, which allows coolant flow through the heater core. You don't have much room to see anything behind the dash without some partial disassemble but I would imagine the cable is detached at one end or the door is stuck and not being operated.