Well its leaking oil were the cylinder block cover and oil is all over ..... on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Down the right side of my engine..... I think the seal needs to be replaced cause also my fluid levels are always overthe limit .... And the leak is all around well the cylinder block should be sealed tight... And now since yesturday theres some type of fluid on the under body fenders on both side to were it looks like something exploded ... Aand notice my power steering pump the line coming from the fluid storage its the line coming of the top right ......out

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If your Jeep will make it to a repair shop, that is where it needs to go! Have them check it out and give you the news and an estimate on the cost of repair! Before major engine damage is done!! Possible gas or coolant leaking into the crankcase.
I was hoping that might not ve the case but possibly thanks were gonna look more detail today
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I don't understand your comment; You said the oil is leaking but your fluid level is over the limit. It sounds like the valve covers are leaking, but the oil level should drop lower. You need to seek a shop very soon, you could have some very bad issues.
Yes sir thank u for answerin ..... So i went to,whyotech for auto tech but i dis not complete..... So the engine is the main thing that we did well that i paid close to .... So what had happened is my jeep when i got it i noticed it and it was barely here and there leeaking worse from two days i was in traffic and i smelt something on fire ....... Like electrical fire so i pull off cause i knew not to chance it to damage worse..... So all i really think is my freind gonna come over hes a mechanic so hes going to come check it over and see what we see hopefully i can get thistakin care of withoit not to mmuch cost ...... theres some other signs as well that air iss getting in there . My pressure on my brakes are acting up to if its over 50-60 and i start to slow down the petal is down im prayin to god for protectiin and i usually need to go to shoulder its only happened three ir four times also the other thing is the fact it on all of the fluids such as the oil the transmission on the break to every fluid in that you know basically everything is is now over flowing and we always make sure that its correct even werr the line cracked badly and leaking pow.steering fluid that even above...i just would like any suggestions im sure there ay be something else .....
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