weird sound or noise from front driver side whenever I push the brake. on 2005 Nissan Maxima

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I replaced the front driver side ABS sensor with a new ABS but still the noise exist. I don't know what would be the problem.would you please help me with problem to be honest it gives me headaches.
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exactly it makes Growling noise, but the ABS light is not coming on. so I don't know what is the problem.
Is the noise there without the brake pressed? Maybe the wheel bearing is starting to fail.
Noise exist only when I push the brake pedal. while I am driving there is NO Noise at all. It's weird since yesterday Noises are gone, but there are 3 lights(ABS, VDC and SLIP) came ON in my dash. I don't know what would be wrong. this problem playing hide and seek with me.
You have an ABS problem! Have the system scan tested by a "mechanic" to see why the light is comming on, that growling is ABS activation at a time when it is not needed!! There's a problem there.